Submitted by Pyunghwan Ahn.

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Full nameProjection-based Point Convolutional Network
DescriptionThe convolutional module used in this method consists of MLPs and projection-based 2D convolutional modules.
Publication titleProjection-based Point Convolution for Efficient Point Cloud Segmentation
Publication authorsPyunghwan Ahn, Juyoung Yang, Eojindl Yi, Chanho Lee, Junmo Kim
Publication venueIEEE Access
Publication URL
Input Data TypesUses Color        Uses 3D
Programming language(s)Python(PyTorch) with CUDA
HardwareSilver 4210, RTX 2080Ti, 128GB RAM
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Submission creation date1 Jan, 2022
Last edited1 Apr, 2022

3D semantic label results

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