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Submission data

Full namePoint Prompt Training
Publication titleTowards Large-scale 3D Representation Learning with Multi-dataset Point Prompt Training
Publication authorsXiaoyang Wu, Zhuotao Tian, Xin Wen, Bohao Peng, Xihui Liu, Kaicheng Yu, Hengshuang Zhao
Publication URL
Input Data TypesUses Color        Uses 3D
Programming language(s)Python, C++ with CUDA
HardwareNVIDIA A100
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Submission creation date28 Feb, 2023
Last edited16 Jan, 2024

3D semantic label results

Infoavg ioubathtubbedbookshelfcabinetchaircountercurtaindeskdoorfloorotherfurniturepicturerefrigeratorshower curtainsinksofatabletoiletwallwindow