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Submission data

Full namePonderV2
Publication titlePonderV2: Pave the Way for 3D Foundataion Model with A Universal Pre-training Paradigm
Publication authorsHaoyi Zhu, Honghui Yang, Xiaoyang Wu, Di Huang, Sha Zhang, Xianglong He, Tong He, Hengshuang Zhao, Chunhua Shen, Yu Qiao, Wanli Ouyang
Input Data TypesUses Color,Uses Geometry        Uses 3D
Programming language(s)Python
HardwareNVIDIA A100
Submission creation date25 Sep, 2023
Last edited12 Oct, 2023

3D semantic label results

Infoavg ioubathtubbedbookshelfcabinetchaircountercurtaindeskdoorfloorotherfurniturepicturerefrigeratorshower curtainsinksofatabletoiletwallwindow