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Full nameSelf-Supervised Model Adaptation for Multimodal Semantic Segmentation
DescriptionBenchmarking the SSMA mutimodal semantic segmentation framework that dynamically adapts the fusion of modality-specific features while being sensitive to the object category, spatial location and scene context in a self-supervised manner. The model was trained with the visual RGB image and the HHA encoded depth image as input to the network. The architecture consists of two modality-specific encoder streams that fuse intermediate encoder representations into a single decoder using the SSMA fusion mechanism which optimally combines complementary features.
Publication titleSelf-Supervised Model Adaptation for Multimodal Semantic Segmentation
Publication authorsAbhinav Valada, Rohit Mohan, Wolfram Burgard
Publication venueInternational Journal of Computer Vision, 2019
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Input Data TypesUses Color,Uses Geometry        Uses 2D
Programming language(s)Python, Tensorflow
HardwareIntel Xeon E5 CPU, NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal)
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Submission creation date29 Dec, 2018
Last edited18 Jul, 2019

2D semantic label results

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